Are you looking for an alternative stone countertop than marble or granite?

Bathroom and kitchen renovations often end up using either granite or marble for their countertops and in some cases their splashbacks. Nowadays, there are a lot of homeowners in Charlotte NC who are looking for something different. As good as both of these stones are, there are alternatives.

Engineered quartz is one of the best alternatives. It is made from 90 to 94% of ground quartz with the remainder being a man-made resin to hold it all together. These are super strong and resistance to scratches and acids as well as the odd bang of a pan. If you are looking for a new countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, then read on and see why engineered quartz can make a fantastic alternative.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations Charlotte NC

What colors will your Charlotte NC bathroom and kitchen renovations be?

One of the beauties of engineered quartz is it can come in a multitude of colors. That will match any color you might decide for your bathroom or kitchen updates. As well as the colors, they come in a large number of patterns and textures.

Engineered quartz is also more consistent than natural stone because of the way it is made. Colors can be from natural tones as well as darker granite blacks. Home remodeling contractors will have a large selection book of what is available, and how you can best work it into your home.

Patterns of engineered quartz

There are lots of options available in patterns, and this depends on how the quartz was ground by the manufacturers. If you want a flecked look, you will have quartz that has been roughly crushed. While fine quartz will give a smooth, creamy look that is great for bathroom updates. Manufacturers of these quartz slabs have even replicated concrete which can be an excellent option for a bare look, and it won’t be prone to cracking.

Where can engineered quartz be used in a Charlotte NC home?

Engineered quartz is ideal for any area that may be exposed to moisture. This means they are an excellent option for bathroom and kitchen renovations for walls, countertops, and even floors. One thing to remember is the weight because they are over 95% stone.

These manufactured stones are not suitable for outdoor use because the resins are UV sensitive, so they are prone to be affected by sunlight. Engineered quartz is also very easy to clean. Only takes a quick wipe to maintain the look of the finish.

Are you considering engineered quartz for your home remodeling in Charlotte NC?

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are two of the main areas homeowners focus on in their home. With engineered quartz in place, you have a work surface that will last for years without any excessive upkeep. While being in the same range as marble and granite, you do have lots more flexibility in your design choices.

If you are thinking of using this alternative to brighten up your home, then contact RCB Construction Management. Their professionals will be happy to explain all there is to know about how engineered quartz is a fantastic addition to your home.