Is your home in need of a refresh, and you don’t know where to start?

Bathroom remodel ideas need to include various elements to make the entire bathroom jive and look
as one purposeful space. Design trends come and go, and a bathroom isn’t the type of room you can
keep changing.

Any bathroom renovations you make in your Charlotte NC home will need to look fresh and inviting for
many years to come. If you want some bathroom update ideas of what’s hot this year? Read on and
see if any style fits your dreams.

Bathroom remodel ideas

Create a Wet Room

When you first look at bathroom remodel ideas, you should check out putting the bathtub and shower
inside one enclosure to create a water space. This is quick and easy to do for bathroom remodeling
contractors in Charlotte because the entire area is tiled.

You can quickly get that spa-like feeling with one glass panel separating the rest of your bathroom. This
tiled appearance can set the tone for the remainder of your bathroom renovation.

Choose Natural stone for your Charlotte bathroom remodel ideas

Nothing can beat the look and texture of natural stone in bathroom updates. From the walls to the
floors and countertops, you can go overboard with natural colors, or choose something as elegant as
Terrazzo. This can look far more elegant than white tiles, and far less clinical and cold.

Go retro with a freestanding tub

If you want to take a step back into history with your bathroom remodel ideas, then you can have a
freestanding tub as your Charlotte bathroom centerpiece. If you want something more modern for
your bathroom renovation, you don’t need a traditional claw-foot and can choose a marble statement

Clean lines make a statement in bathroom updates

Keeping your bathroom remodel ideas clean and simple can make any bathroom renovations come to
life without looking over the top and cluttered. You can set a real statement without trying, and all of
your Charlotte homes bathroom feels light and airy without much effort.

Go big using Charlotte NC bathroom contractors

Everyone always wants to feel pampered in their bathroom, especially if it is the master bathroom.
Bathroom remodel ideas can take any of the above and convert your bathroom into the talking point
between friends and family. Gone are the days of small bathrooms that are no longer functional or
inviting. You can quickly extend a room and make a real statement with your bathroom.

If you want to see how easy it is to have your bathroom renovations change from a dream to a reality.
Call RCB Construction Management and let the professionals run through everything you need to know
about bathroom updates, and how easy it is to lay back and pamper yourself once it has been finished.