Bathroom renovationsAre you getting older and finding using the tub is harder than it used to be?

Bathroom renovations can make life easier when individuals reach the age of retirement. Almost nobody wishes to leave their home, or move at that time of their life. Most homes are not equipped for ‘aging in place’ and are almost designed the opposite and seem to forget the elderly.

The bathroom is a major example that isn’t intended for the elderly. It is too effortless to slip-up and collapse in the shower. If your home has a bathtub, you may find it difficult for an aging person to scrabble inside. If you are, or you have family at this stage. Read on for some helpful bathroom update ideas.

Showers and Bathtubs in Charlotte NC bathroom updates

The bathtub and shower are key elements when it comes to the elderly. Although you can have none slip surfaces, this may not be enough. There are plenty of more helpful options.

Small showers should be made bigger, this can allow for seating or access with a walker. Even better can be a wet room where there is no shower tray to tackle. If this isn’t an option, bathroom renovations can make use of a curbless shower.

Bathtubs can be a walk-in tub design. These have a door and a seat. Once inside, then you fill with water. These can be expensive, but if you still enjoy soaking in the tub, it is a price worth paying.

Charlotte NC toilets and sinks for the elderly bathroom renovations

Seniors face significant challenges when the most basic amenities are not accessible. Regular height toilet seats make it difficult for the elderly to stand or sit. A good home remodeling contractor will be able to advise the best height that is suitable for older people.

The most basic bathroom sink can also become a problem.  Wall-mounted sinks are more accessible than traditional sinks that are dropped into the tops of a vanity. These deliver space underneath and give easy access.  You can also have split level countertops that are easy to reach if anyone is using a wheelchair.

Bathroom updates in Charlotte NC for the elderly, don’t stop there

There are many other bathroom renovations you can consider, but tying them all together can take the skills of a good Charlotte remodeling contractor. They will know all the tips and tricks to make sure a bathroom is ideal for an elderly person.

If you have a family member, or you are in this situation yourself, don’t hesitate and contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals will be happy to help you plan the ideal bathroom which is suitable for every family member.