Bathroom and kitchen remodelWhy can quartz be a good option for my Charlotte NC home?

A bathroom and kitchen remodel can be made to change homes considerably. This can be for a new style of living. In these extreme circumstances, homeowners choose either granite or marble for their countertops and splashbacks.

If you want something unique, you can choose engineered quartz. Although fabricated, they still contain over 90% quartz, and the last part is just the binding agent. These are strong and resilient against acids and scratches. If you want a new countertop for your kitchen and bathroom, read on to see why engineered quartz makes a fantastic alternative.

Available colors for a bathroom and kitchen remodel

Engineered quartz comes in many colors. These can match any color you decide for your bathroom or kitchen updates. Along with the colors, this quartz comes in a large number of available patterns and textures.

Engineered quartz colors are more consistent because of the way it is manufactured. Colors range from natural tones to darker granite blacks. Home remodeling contractors have access to large selections of what you can choose from, and how it can blend into your home.

What makes quartz a good choice?

Quartz is perfect for areas, which are exposed to moisture. This means they are fantastic for your Charlotte NC bathroom and kitchen remodel ideas. It is durable enough to be used for counter tops, splashbacks and even floors. The only downsides being the weight because it is over 90% stone, and it isn’t suitable for outdoor use as resins UV sensitive.

Engineered quartz is easy to clean and only takes a quick wipe to maintain the look of the finish. It also withstands daily knocks and bangs that could otherwise damage other materials.

What style can I have for my bathroom and kitchen remodel?

There is a broad range of patterns available. Manufacturers grind the quartz in different ways to obtain unique looking designs. You can choose roughly ground for a flecked look, or you can go for a fine crush, which will deliver a creamy and smooth appearance.

Depending where you are using this material, you can select one that will transform the entire area. Manufacturers can even replicate a concrete appearance, which delivers a bare industrial look, yet it is resilient against cracking.

Using Charlotte NC home remodeling contractors who know about quartz 

These materials are widely available, and can be used in all manner of bathroom and kitchen remodel ideas. However, because of the weight, and how the material needs cutting, you will need the assistance of a professional general contractor who is used to handling this type of material.

For more information on types and styles, and how quartz can enhance your home, contact RCB Construction Management and the pros will explain more on using this material. For something, which is unique, there is nothing like a company, which shares the same vision, and using unique materials.