bathroom remodelIs radiant bathroom floor heating worth it?

A bathroom remodel solves the problem when it’s cold and dark in the morning. Getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do. Radiant floor heating being added with your bathroom updates will make the start of the day easier.

If you have the right bathroom, read on to see how bathroom updates can make any bathroom visit a pleasure, no matter how wet and cold the weather.

Why should I have radiant heat in my Charlotte NC bathroom remodel?

Heat rises so there is little use heating the tops of our rooms. Opposite to forced-air, heating, radiant floors let heat drift up from the floor to fill a room over time. This evenly heats a space and making it feel comfortable.

Radiant floor heating isn’t a cheap option for the entire house, but in a bathroom remodel, it is ideal.

The cost of a bathroom remodel and radiant floor heating

A bathroom remodel is the ideal time to have radiant floor heating. Materials commonly used are stone or tiles. These are initially cold on the feet, so having them feel warmer is a real bonus.

Bathrooms are generally small, so a budget is more than able to handle costs of radiant floors. Radiant heating isn’t inexpensive, but there are affordable options, and when it is part of your bathroom remodel, then half the work is done already.

How cost effective is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating in Charlotte NC can be pricey to install, yet it can be a cost-effective solution over time. Your underfloor heating will hardly require maintenance, and if your home remodeling contractors use materials with a good warranty, you won’t need to worry about expensive repairs.

You can set your thermostat so it comes on and goes off at certain times while keeping a suitable temperature. Radiant heat systems are economical. They heat thoroughly, and don’t waste any energy when heating your bathroom. The heat is close to the floor where you are, so you feel more comfortable. You can even set a thermostat a few degrees lower and gain around a 10-30% energy saving.

What are the options of floor heating in my bathroom remodel?

Electric radiant heating uses electrical currents, which are delivered to a heating element that run underneath your flooring surface.

This is the more common and affordable to use once installed. However, it can cost more to install during your bathroom remodel. The other type uses hot water in many cases. These are like radiators and need tubing to be run under your floor. These are heated from a regular boiler, so if your home has one, this could be a better option.

Who can fit my radiant floor in Charlotte NC?

There are many companies who can install these kinds of heating, yet if you are having a kitchen remodel, this rules most of these out of the equation. It is better to have the right general contractors who know all about this kind of heating and have the right skills to carry out the additional plumbing and electrics.

If you think, your bathroom remodeling ideas can include radiant floor heating, contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals will go through more of what you need to know, and how much the difference is on top of a more conventional bathroom update.