handymanWhy are they called floating decks?

A handyman can build a floating deck fast and easily once, he knows the dimensions and any other features you want to incorporate. Floating decks are simple additions, which are attractive and easy for a professional to build. They are often called “grade level “decks as they are built directly above ground level, or grade.

If you add a floating deck to your backyard, it can then provide a much-needed extra space for patio furniture, grills, hammocks or other backyard conveniences. If you are considering a deck before the summer ends, read on for some useful information.

Will I need a permit for my handyman in Charlotte NC?

One of the major benefits of a floating deck is that it probably won’t need a permit to build it.

The International Residential Code states that you do not need a permit for your floating deck if your development fulfills the requirements below.

  • The deck takes up less than 200 square feet of space
  • It does not rise any more than 30 inches above the ground
  • It is not connected to your home
  • It doesn’t sit in front of an egress door

A handyman who comes from a reputable company will be able to help you with any permits, as they will be aware of any local regulations.

What are the advantages of a floating deck?

There are several advantages to having a handyman construct your floating deck. Aside from not requiring a construction permit, floating decks are significantly easier and quicker to assemble than elevated decks.

They do not need deep frost foundations and do not require handrails as they are close to the ground.

Since a floating deck is at ground level, its repair and maintenance is easy. If you want to relocate a floating deck, you can simply raise it up and relocate it to a different location.

What kind of wood should a Charlotte NC handyman use for a floating deck?

If your floating deck is under the control of a general contractor, they will have access to the right types of wood. However, always use pressure-treated wood when building a floating deck framework.

If you can find ground contact press-treated wood, that is even better. The extra processing these boards go through will protect them from the added risk of spoilage from being so close to the ground.

There are many woods that make great deck materials, so consider red wood or cedar for a touch of elegance.

Finding the right contractor in Charlotte NC

If you are considering a floating deck while the summer is still here. It can be a project that is completed over a weekend. All you need is a handyman who comes from a reputable general contractor, this way; they have the backup of a larger company.

To start the process, you can contact RCB Construction Management who have all the skills in place to build a floating deck that meets all codes, and if you need any permits, they can advise what and what isn’t needed.