handymanDo you want a full kitchen remodel, or just to change the appearance?

A handyman can help with a lite kitchen remodel. You can do this when parts of your kitchen don’t need changing, but you want to change the appearance so it looks new and inviting. One of the easiest ways is by changing your cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors are the largest areas in your kitchen, and the first that everyone notices. Here are some tips on choosing the right ones for your Charlotte NC kitchen.

A handyman can help choose the right style for your fast kitchen remodel

Even though function of your cabinets is a primary role, you do need cabinets, which match the style of your kitchen. The majority people opt for are traditional, transitional and contemporary. Even these needs to blend with the overall style of shelving appliances and work surfaces.

A handyman who comes from a general contractor can advise what styles will and won’t match the style of your Charlotte NC kitchen remodel ideas.

Types of cabinets for a Charlotte NC kitchen remodel

There are several types you can choose from, however the main three types are stock cabinets, semi-custom, or full custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are off the shelf and found in many home improvement stores. These are the least costly, yet they do not do much for a large kitchen due to limited options.

Semi-custom cabinets for your kitchen remodel are built to order. These will fit correctly when you have cabinets, which aren’t standard sizes. A good handyman can perform this function depending on the styles you require. Full custom allow you to have a style, which is unlike any other. These are the most expensive, and are more likely offered by home remodeling contractors.

Fast kitchen remodeling in Charlotte NC with a handyman

The main advantage with just changing cabinet doors is the speed you can change the look of your kitchen. Depending on the size, a handyman can accomplish this task over a weekend.

Another advantage of a quick kitchen remodel by changing cabinet doors only is it doesn’t mean you need to move out of your home while the work is going on.

Choosing the right handyman in Charlotte NC

There are plenty of handyman companies in the area, and finding one that comes with a good reputation can be quite a task. Luckily, there are many larger companies, which are offering these smaller services to fulfill these requirements.

If you are thinking of a fast kitchen remodel, or you want to go all the way, you can easily contact RCB Construction Management. The professionals there can show all your options for new cabinet doors and deliver the best handyman to accomplish your kitchen update quickly and efficiently at an affordable rate.