HandymanCan my home have fast and simple updates in the same day?

A skilled handyman can tackle many jobs in the same day. These can have a big impact, especially if you are considering selling your home. In bathrooms and kitchen, many things he can do make all the difference.

If you are ready to stage your home and you need things to look a little different, for a small investment, you can have an affordable Charlotte NC handyman come to your home and make these significant changes.

A fast bathroom update without the need for a contractor

One of the fastest and cheapest updates you can find is that of your shower curtain. Many are straight; however, once you add a curved one, it delivers more space in the shower. A handyman can have this job completed in a few minutes once he’s carefully drilled the new holes.

This simple transformation will make the entire bathroom take on a different feel. One slightly larger bathroom upgrade is to change your faucets and the addition of multi-storage cupboards. Neither of these take long to do. However, it will change the visual appeal of your bathroom, and new faucets will gleam compared to old ones.

Quick kitchen updates with a Charlotte NC handyman

A new sink can look nice, but these can turn out expensive. However, if you decide to invest in this, then a handyman can change the faucets in the kitchen at the same time. These can make your kitchen appear much newer than it is.

Kitchen cupboards are another area that can be quickly spruced up. Depending on the type of covering which is already on them, you can have them re-stained, or painted. However, the one main area that makes them stand out is new handles. These can be very cheap, and if you change the cabinet facing, then any interested homebuyer will think the kitchen is new.

Other home updates by a general contractor

A handyman can do many small jobs. However, they get to the stage where they may be limited in capacity or capability. This is where a contractor comes in to play. Luckily, many contractors now offer handyman services.

This means you’re getting the best of both worlds. You can have an overseeing eye, and the skills of workers who can take on much larger jobs.

A good contractor can advise on small jobs that can be done to transform a home ready for selling. When you are almost certain to get your investment back, then it is a worthy route to follow.

Finding a handyman come contractor in Charlotte NC

When you are looking for either a handyman or an affordable contractor, then it can take quite a lot of time.  It is far better to head straight to one place so you can start straight away and sell your home sooner rather than later.

To save all the hard work, you can contact RCB Construction Management. They have skilled professional in all areas from planning to carry out your kitchen and bathroom updates. While the good weather is here, you can have your house on the market, unless they do such a good job, you decide to stay.