HandymanMy home is not suitable for elderly family members, what can I do?

Handyman installation services cover many areas, in many homes. When elderly family members are involved, it does require a bit of thought which areas can make their life easier. With a step in bathtub in bathroom updates, handrails or many other things to help. There is one area, which we often overlook.

Lighting and other points of electricity where the elderly can struggle. Here are a few tips where you can seek the assistance of a local contractor to further prepare a home for elderly family members.

Installing wireless motion sensing lighting in Charlotte NC

This low-cost, flexible solution is for people who frequently rise at night. The battery power means its wireless and removes the necessity of a suitably located power outlet. A handyman can place motion-sensing wireless lights on the ground, on the underside of a shelf,or on any surface, that aims a light in the required direction.

An invisible infrared beam captures movement from a wide-angle cone, making it easy to turn on the light with natural movements like getting out of bed, moving down the corridor or opening door. The light will stay on for a number of minutes and then turns off to preserve battery power.

Fitting Charlotte NC homes with plug-in motion detection

A motion-sensing night light does not depend on batteries, so you do not need to swap them. With longer-lasting LEDs, replacement bulbs are also rare.

The advantages of a motion sensor is that it turns off when it is not required, saving on energy and preventing the chance of disturbing the sleep of any person when it is used in the bedroom. Several minutes after climbing into bed, the light switches off and total darkness is back.

Using motion sensor light switches

Occasionally, seniors don’t remember to turn on the ceiling light, or they feel they may not require it. By automatically turning on some lights, especially in closets, stairways, and walkways, you can effectively prevent slippage and falling.

The simplest way to do this is to use motion-sensing light switches. There are several ways to do this;a handyman in Charlotte NC can quickly use push-on units, which fit snugly over the covers of your existing light switches. This provides instant setup without the need to change bulbs or alter the electrical cabling.

Choosing the right handyman in Charlotte NC

Although these motion sensors can be easy to install, it can take the skills of a certified handyman to make sure all the lighting falls in the right places. This is crucial so the elderly members of the family can move around the home safely.

To make sure you have the best person working in your home, contact RCB        Construction Management, and the professionals will go through all the areas where motion sensor lighting and switches are the most benefits.