Kitchen remodelI have a small kitchen, what can I do?

Kitchen remodel ideas, usually aim toward larger kitchens. These big kitchens grab the most attention. We see them in movies, magazines and that’s what most people dream about.

However, in reality, many homes in Charlotte are small kitchens. These also though, have a lot to offer.

These small kitchens facilitate cooking, because everything is accessible, and they are super-efficient. Not to mention their ease of cleaning. Small kitchens when made by a local contractor can be just as interesting as a large kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and are looking to get the most out, here are some kitchen remodeling tips you can use to inspire you.

Kitchen updates in Charlotte NC use light colors and lighting effects

If you use dark colors in a small kitchen space, it will give your kitchen a dark and gloomy appearance. Kitchen remodeling contractors will use clear and light paint colors, and even light woods for cabinets to make your little kitchen more inviting.

Likewise, a kitchen remodel needs to consider lighting fixtures, large ones block the space and prevent your eyes from seeing deeper in the kitchen. Instead, choose ventilated suspended lights that provide adequate, stylish, and space-saving light.

Optimize wasted space and use large tiles in your kitchen remodel

It is not magic; it’s just an illusion when you use large tiles in small kitchen renovations. When a general contractor in Charlotte NC lays large light colored floor tiles inside a small kitchen, it makes your room appear larger than it is. Tiles around 1 foot squared should be the smallest you use. In big kitchens, wasted space isn’t as crucial because you have plenty.

In small kitchens, every inch counts, so check for unused areas. A good local contractor will check for spaces where they can fit filler cabinets with sliders. These hold spices or utensils under your counters or cabinets and hide from view. Look at your cupboards, although it may be high, these can reach up to your ceiling and deliver extra space for light things you don’t use so often.

Kitchen remodelers use open shelving and glass-frontedcabinets

Depending on the type and size of your kitchen, you may find it feels more enclosed because of the upper cabinets. Kitchen updates can keep the shelves open, once you have it all organized, your small kitchen will look tidy, open and even larger.

Similar to open shelves, a kitchen remodel that fitsglass cabinets, opens spaces in small kitchens on avisual level. Because you can see through them, they deliver the appearance of more space. In addition, they offer beauty, elegance and are easier to clean than open shelving.

Finding the right Charlotte NC small kitchen remodeler

You may think it’s hard to locate a local contractor who wants to take on some kitchen updates in a small kitchen.

Not every local company just cherry picks the larger jobs. If you are interested in transforming your cooking space with a kitchen remodel, you can contact RCB Construction Management, and the pros will go through all you need to know about transforming small spaces.