HandymanHow can I solve humidity problems?

A handyman can cover all manner of jobs. While you may think this is to update, or install things, there are the times when you have a need for something different. Home maintenance, this is true if humidity in your home is having an effect on your health.

You need to take measures to control moisture in the air to maintain comfort and safety. If there is too much moisture, you can have mold creep in, and if too dry it can lead to other issues. If you need an expert to help with this, or you can see mold issues. Read on for all you need to know about the humidity levels in your home and how they can affect you.

Do I have too much moisture in my Charlotte NC home?

Indoor home humidity should be around 30 to 50 percent. A handyman can accurately measure this using a hygrometer. If your humidity levels are low, you may encounter the following symptoms:

  • Static electricity build-up
  • You can encounter dry, chapped lips
  • You will have a dry itchy or scratchy throat
  • Your skin will feel dry and you may have irritated eyes
  • Hardwood flooring and furniture can shrink and possibly crack

What happens if my handyman finds too much humidity?

If your Charlotte NC contractor finds your humidity levels are over 60%, this can lead to:

  • An increase in asthma and allergic reactions or symptoms
  • You will see condensation on your windows (this can freeze in winter)
  • You may experience moldĀ and mildew
  • you can experience structural deterioration in timber
  • You may have pest infestation and smell musty odors

How can I get rid of too much humidity in my Charlotte NC home?

A handyman can scour your home looking for suspect areas. When he sees the source that is causing high levels of humidity, he will want to fix this as soon as possible.

Some common reasons for this can be exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. A dryer vent not venting outside correctly.

A humidifier is running all the time, or worst, you have a plumbing or roof leak.

The major way to rid a home of too much humidity can be to increase ventilation. Kitchens, bathrooms and your laundry areas, as well as basements are prime areas where moisture accumulates. Ventilation needs to be increased in these areas.

Any exhaust fans should be used, but if these are not installed in your home, a good reliable handyman can quickly fit these in the optimum areas where they will be most effective. If you have mold on drywall, you may need a general contractor to replace this because it is more difficult to deal with than cleaning and trying to paint over.

Finding the right Charlotte NC handyman contractors

If you find your house feels to dry, or too damp, then you do have a problem with your humidity levels. To be safe, you will need professional assistance. If you call a local handyman first, you may find there is something they are unable to do.

To make sure you have the right firm looking at your problem, you need to contact RCB Construction Management. It doesn’t matter if you need the skills of a handyman, or the expertize of a general contractor. We have you covered, and will have your home at the correct humidity levels before you know it.