Home remodelersDo you always plan on staying in your home?

Home remodelers in Charlotte NC can be helpful in a few circumstances. Homeowners may wish to downsize, and before doing so, increase the value of their current home. On other occasions, homeowners decide to stay put and keep living in their home and benefiting from some ageing in place updates.

If you are in this position, read on to see, which parts of the home can benefit from remodeling contractors coming to make some changes to your home.

A general contractor bathroom remodel for seniors

Bathroom remodeling can make all the difference when individuals get older. Before these changes, they can be danger areas for anyone to tackle on their own. Simple things like doorways of a certain width, to toilets that are suitable heights. It can take professional home remodelers who know all the things that can make a difference.

Here are just some of the ways to make a bathroom suitable for the elderly.

  • Showers you can walk into, and tubs that allow easy access
  • Textured handrails positioned in the appropriate locations
  • Wide entrances in access areas
  • Shelving that can be reached from a wheelchair
  • Lighting that comes on automatic, or is easy to control

Kitchen updates by home remodelers in Charlotte NCĀ 

Aside from a bathroom, the kitchen is another place where elderly people will need to frequent. There is still the need to make drinks and cook, so there will need to be some changes to make this possible. Many of the changes will focus on safety in much the same way they do when protecting certain areas from young children.

Home remodelers can include and of the following

  • Counters with round edges
  • Cabinets which are easy access and pull out pantry drawers
  • Handles are looped for ease of holding
  • Sufficient lighting that can brighten darker areas
  • Wide access for wheelchairs and walkers

Moving bedrooms downstairs by home remodelers

No matter how many changes are made to kitchens and bathrooms, the bedroom arrangements can change over time, especially if there are flights of stairs to encounter.

Depending on the size of home, a general contractor can either add the capacity for a stair lift, or changing the layout of downstairs so there is a new bedroom added can be a more suitable option. This would of course need the addition of an en suite bathroom for easy access.

The best aging in place general contractors in Charlotte NC

It takes professionals to fully understand what it needs to make a home suitable for aging in place. There are many things, which are not often thought about, only to find they are not suitable when the time comes.

There are all manner of things everyone takes for granted, yet for the elderly, it can be a matter of doing something, or not being able to. To be sure, you have the right home remodelers in place, you can contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals can show where changes can be made that will last many years of graceful living in the home you love.