RenovationWhy there are problems before any work is done?

Renovation on a home can be used to change homes to cater for a new kind or style of living. Few homeowners, though, never consider their homes are non-compliant with local building codes. Ever-popular room additions, for example, may be the source of a big headache in the future.

This is where we discuss the common housing code violations homeowners’ face daily and why it is critical to resolve any violations as quickly as possible.

Handrails and balustrades in Charlotte NC home renovation

Handrails are required by building codes. These prevent dangerous falls from staircases or stairways. Most building codes specify railing heights stairways. Is similar for a deck which is more than 30 inches off the ground. Home remodeling projects correct these issues while making a staircase a focal point

The vertical posts or balusters need to have specific spacing between them. This is to stop children falling through the openings. If the space is larger than required, this needs addressing. A contractor in Charlotte NC can easily remedy this with a home remodel, and bring your stairs up to code.

Renovation can add ventilation in bathrooms

Building a home sauna with a warm, steamy bath or shower can sound relaxing, but is detrimental to both the structural integrity of the room and your home. High humidity and warm temperatures cause water damage and the growth of mold, so most towns expect contractors and homeowners to fit fans in bathrooms with no windows to open.

Missing GFCI’s in older Charlotte NC homes

Older homes that were constructed before 1971 have a high chance their electrical outlets are lacking ground fault circuit interrupters. When surges are detected, a device shuts down the current; this prevents shock or damage that can lead to fire hazards.

A home renovation can rectify these problems, as there is a likely chance you will have updated sockets fitted. Alongside this are junction boxes, which are outdated, or the wires are not correctly fastened. Many home DIY owners often make some connections that are unsafe. No electrical should be performed by a person who isn’t professional and licensed.

Forget the home DIY renovation and use Charlotte NC contractors

Many homeowners are more than capable of carrying out a home renovation on the smaller scale. Yet, the best thing to do is to leave the real work to professionals. Because embarking on a fast fix or adding a family room with no proper local permits is a huge problem. Yet, many homeowners may not be wiser until the time comes to sell their house and these issues become known. You can avoid the headache by having a local Charlotte NC contractor perform the work.

Home remodeling contractors can take care of all your permits, and will make sure all other areas of your home are up to code.

If you are concerned you have areas, which may not be up to code, or you are planning a renovation. Contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals can give you home the once over when they survey. They will spot areas, which are not up to code while laying out what is required to make sure your renovation dream runs smoothly.