Handyman servicesHandyman or contractor, who should I call?

Handyman services can cover a wide range of jobs around the home. Removing dishwashers, removing and replacing a broken toilet, adding vanities and bathroom fixtures to tiling floors, and painting a home’s interior or exterior. They can cover most things, but they may not be licensed to carry out electrical work or other things that need specialized licensing.

If you are unsure who to call, read below and you can see more differences between the two trades.

The differences between handyman services and contractors in Charlotte NC

Large projects will take time, more tools, equipment, and multiple workers. Kitchen remodels, bathroom updates or home additions, often need a general contractor’s license. These projects will require various types of licenses and multiple levels of expertize.

When you call a handyman, they can undertake many of the smaller jobs where no licensing is needed. In the terms of capability, the two are the same, and the only difference being the sizes and scopes of jobs they take on.

General contractors often only focus on the larger projects that need lots of coordination and span over a couple of weeks.

Is a handyman cheaper?

Handymen in Charlotte NC often charge by hourly or by the day.This can make them far cheaper than general contractors because small projects don’t need multiple workers.With this, and the types of work they undertake, they don’t have asmany overhead costs.

In some areas, they cap a handymanat a certain limit of what they can charge per job. If their quote goes beyond this, then they require licensing. A prime example being handyman services which quote for a bathroom remodel that includes plumbing and tiling a floor. If this exceeds the limit, then the handyman may require licenses for both jobs before they can quote above the threshold.

Hiring a handyman tips

Any homeowner, who needs work done, should need to know they have the right company for the work.Forhandyman services, you need to be comfortable with the worker. This is because they will workaround you in the home.

Handymen who cold call or ask for full payment up front should be avoided. No matter how large or small the job, you should always have a written agreement that includes, costs, payment schedule, and an all-important guarantee.

Hiring a general contractor in Charlotte NC

When hiring a contractor rather than using handyman services, you may need to do more homework because of the scope of work they will undertake. Some contractors may mark up the material cost, so knowing if these are reasonable is necessary.

A good general contractor will be able to furnish you with any information you ask, and this they should be able to do quick. If you want to know more about the services of a handyman, or for large projects, the process of using a reliable general contractor, contact RCB Construction Management, and the construction pros will furnish you with any information you need, and which is the best option for you and your home.