bathroom remodelWhat are large porcelain slabs?

A bathroom remodel will be very different with porcelain slabs coming in sizes as large as 10 feet x 5 feet. They can be custom-made, larger or smaller for different applications. The most notable quality of these slabs is how thin they are. Being 6-12 mm thick, they are some of the easiest and lightest materials home remodelers in Charlotte NC work with.

While not exactly marble, porcelain slabs look like marble and are more versatile than natural stone. They use it to build countertops, floors and bathroom appliances. This versatility can extend to include walls, backsplashes, bathtubs and more. Bathroom updates can use this material to reach places marble could not reach.

How contractors fabricate, move and install large porcelain slabs in a bathroom remodel

Contractors will install porcelain slabs on top of a substrate. This can be in the form of dense foam backings, or even cement board.

They should use this as a cushion between the porcelain and the support. This is usually plywood for cabinets, whilst natural stone for solid walls and many other surfaces.

Bathroom remodelers can install porcelain tiles directly on existing natural stone. Marble and granite being a couple of viable options.

Because the porcelain is thin, this makes it light. They can hang it on vertical surfaces as easy as fitting it on a flat surface. This material is easy to transport and install on slabs, tiles, and being made to fit custom shapes.

Large porcelain slabs can save time and money

It would be a shorter list if it mentioned ways in which large porcelain slabs don’t save time, work and money in a bathroom remodel. New production methods mean companies manufacture large-format porcelain slabs bigger than ever. This makes it easier to cover walls or floors in a shorter period.

There are fewer joints when installing, these large slabs deliver a unique surface which will make run your hands over walls and floors with no chance of feeling seams or joins.

Some tiled floors and decoration benefit from the charm of grouting. However, there’s a smaller amount of grout when installing these slabs. In a few ways, porcelain slabs are on par with natural stone.

Benefits of large porcelain slabs in Charlotte NC bathroom updates

Advantages don’t stop there. Consider marble or other heavy natural stones. Imagine how hard it is to deal with marble of the same size and thickness.

Some advantages you can enjoy with porcelain include:

  • Heat resistance – There’s no worry about melting. You can leave a hot pan on a porcelain work surface and it won’t mark.
  • No staining – It’s almost impossible to stain porcelain. With marble or quartz, you can get unpleasant spots if you pour some liquids or food on it. Porcelain doesn’t scratch or wear, it’s hard to scratch or splinter porcelain surfaces. This makes it an ideal material in bathrooms where there will be water.
  • You don’t need to remove your existing surfaces – if you have solid surfaces in place, porcelain slabs can be installed directly.

Finding a general contractor in Charlotte NC

Although large porcelain slabs can be easy to install, it still needs the skills and expertise of reliable general contractors to perform a bathroom remodel. To transform your bathroom into something unique, you can contact RCB Construction Management.

The skilled teams will go through all your options to find the best solution for your bathroom updates.

Although large porcelain slabs look fantastic, they may not be the best option for your bathroom, but you will find many unique options.