handymanCan I maximize basement space with small ideas?

A handyman can change from what has often turned into a dumping ground for old festive decorations, family photos, or basement space that has become cluttered quite easily.

This is emphasized if the space is small. However, with only a few small upgrades in lighting, storage and layout, your basement can be converted into a roomy living area where you actually want to spend time.

A handyman in Charlotte NC can increase basement height

While he can’t physically change the height of your ceiling, there are things a good home contractor handyman can do to give the impression of a taller room. By including paneling to your walls, you can give the impression the ceiling height is much taller.

In the same way, you can make your basement appear longer through horizontal lines lower down or the careful choice of wall colors.

Increase light with home remodeling contractors

Depending on the kind of basement you have, you may be limited for natural light. While interior lights can make basements light looking, they don’t offer the same as natural light. A handyman can do so much, but a local general contractor canincrease your natural light.

This will change the feeling of the room totally. If this isn’t possible, the addition of wall lighting adds warmth without making the room appear low with overhead lighting.

Clever Charlotte NC handyman storage solutions

If you have stairs that have a vacantspace underneath, then you can have some clever storage features included. This is wasted space, but the addition of cupboards can help save on clutter and use lost space to full effect.

Aside from this, you can ditch conventional furniture altogether. With some careful planning, your home contractor handyman can make furniture that has built in storage compartments. These can easily be covered in loose fitting covers that are purpose made for the job. A living area in a basement can become a family room and doesn’t need to follow conventional furnishing ideas.

Finding the right Charlotte NC contractor

There are countless other tips and tricks your handyman can follow to make your basement as large as possible. This is easy for them when they have the backing of a local general contractor. The hardest part for you as a homeowner can be locating the ideal firm who can share your vision.

To save any hard work, you can contact RCB Construction Management. They are local and have been for years converting basement areas into some of the best living areas families in the area have. With professional staff in every area, they can answer all your questions, and make sure your home basement is fully up to code and will deliver the best family experience.