handymanA handyman can be in demand at this time of year. Why homeowners wait until now to call them? There is one answer, and that is because summer is going and cooler weather may be approaching. With condensation, forming on the inside of the glass, then this is a sure sign you have a window problem.

Here are some signs you need attention, and may require window replacement. Read on and you can see what to look for, and how to remedy the problem.

What are the first signs a home needs new windows in Charlotte NC?

When the wind picks up, you may notice a draft blowing through your window, or you can hear a whistling sound. This means there is a gap somewhere either in the window itself, or around the frame. A good Charlotte NC handyman will know exactly where it is coming from, and if it is a repairable job or the window needs changing.

Another problem can be debris that has accumulated over the summer. This can hide all manner of problems. There can be cracks in the glass, which are not visible, or there can be something worse lurking underneath.

Definite signs you need a handyman to fit new windows

If you have windows that open, then when these become stuck, it can be a sign of swelling, or some of the hardware as rusted or broken. If you find windows are like this, then there is a good chance you will need a handyman or contractor to look at all your windows.

If a window swells to this degree, you often find it doesn’t just not open, but there is mold somewhere in the window.

Window types for a Charlotte NC handyman to install

Although you may only have one or two windows that are causing problems, having these changed may not deliver all the benefits which come with a full range of replacement windows being fitted. You may have old windows, which are single paned, and with double-glazing, you can save heaps off your heating bill when the winter arrives.

There are various types you can choose from:

  • Vinyl windows: very affordable and easy to maintain. They cannot be painted so what you have in the beginning is what you have to stay with.
  • Fiberglass: these can expand and contract with the weather. These are in the middle of a budget, and require little maintenance and can be painted.
  • Wood clad windows: these are the most costly option as they have wood exteriors and either fiberglass or aluminum on the inside. These are good options to fit on older homes in the region.
  • Aluminum: these fall at the top end of the range. These are more suited to contemporary and modern homes.

Do I need a Charlotte NC window installation company?

There are plenty of window installation companies around, however, depending on the style of your home and where the windows are located, they may struggle to make the area as good as it was prior.

A handyman who comes from a reliable general contractor can make the difference. He has the backing of workers who are used to remodeling or renovating homes, so if there are wall issues, then they are well placed to correct these problems.

To be sure, you have the right team, and to find out if you need a window replacement, simply contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals can tell you straight away, what your best options are. This is advisable to do sooner rather than later because once the cold weather comes, the last thing you want are draughts blowing down your back.