Kitchen renovationsDo you have a kitchen that has a washing machine under the work counter?

Kitchen renovations on most occasions deal with just the kitchen and rejig how things are placed in that one room. Now, local general contractors are advising that the washers and dryers are taken away from this busy area and given their own space.

If you are thinking how to totally transform your kitchen, then having a laundry upgrade that is tucked nicely out of the way is the best way to do it.

What if my laundry is in the basement?

Kitchen updates don’t always need to be just the kitchen, and good local kitchen remodeling contractors can take on both jobs and include it all in one package. They have the same work crews on site, and much of the work is very similar,so there are no unique items required.

A dull basement laundry can be transformed to match your kitchen renovations,so it all blends together.

What can be changed in my Charlotte NC Kitchen remodel for a laundry area?

It doesn’t matter if you have space upstairs, or in your basement, there are a few things that can be changed to make kitchen renovations make your laundry area a work of art.

  • Lighting – a laundry area will need plenty of it so you can see stains
  • Cabinet upgrades – no homeowner likes to keep bleach and detergents under the sink. With high-quality cabinet upgrades, all your washing materials can have their own space.
  • A folding table – having a permanent table set out isn’t always possible. Many kitchen renovations for a laundry area include a folding table that can be pulled out on wash days

How long will kitchen renovations including a laundry area take?

A reliable general contractor in Charlotte NC will aim to complete the work as quickly as possible, and it depends on what extent the kitchen remodeling job entails. If you are keeping the same cabinet layout but with new cabinets that are replacing the old washer and dryer spaces, then the job can be completed in a few days.

If you have all new cabinets and your laundry upgrade needs studded walls installed, then it can take over a week. Good home remodeling contractors always aim to do this with the least amount of disruption.

A Charlotte NC kitchen update with laundry must be expensive?

It can be quite surprising how budget friendly some kitchen renovations can be. If you opt for a facelift, it can work out pretty reasonable, and throw in a laundry upgrade and it can work out much the same as a full kitchen remodeling project.

Two rooms for the price of one is a good deal in anyone’s book. So, if you want to know how you can get the best kitchen and a laundry upgrade for a minimal extra cost, then contact RCB Construction Management.The design staff will show you how a few kitchen updates will change the busiest room in your home, to something that is a little calmer than usual.