Are you unsure who the best person is for your kitchen handyman jobs?

Local contractor services cover a whole range of work when it comes to home remodeling or kitchen and bathroom updates. But, when homeowners want some simple handyman jobs completed, who do they turn to? A general contractor might appear too expensive, but that isn’t always the case.

If you have plans for kitchen updates, then take a minute to consider contacting your local Charlotte NC contractor.


Kitchen lighting ideas and upgrades in Charlotte NC

When you have a large kitchen, it needs to be filled with light, but not to the extent it is glaring and harsh on the eyes. Lighting is one of the best ways you can transform the look of a kitchen without changing any of your work surface or cupboards.

A local contractor who usually works on kitchen remodeling will know which lighting system will significantly benefit any kitchen style. Two forms of lighting need considering, and a local contractor will know how best to use both.

Ambient light vs. accent lighting

More modern kitchens can be sparse looking in comparison to an old wood appearance kitchen, so ambient light won’t highlight the modern features. A local contractor can explain all this, and will likely suggest track lighting or flush mount lighting fixtures. That will accent every element of your kitchen.

Ambient light is ideal for old style kitchens. This brings a touch of the outdoors inside and lights up all the knots and lines in real wood. This is one of the more common tricks general contractors use in Charlotte NC, they just don’t tell you, and let the look of surprise on your face say it all.

A local contractor may suggest a new kitchen range hood

Stoves and ranges are the focal points of any kitchen. However, not all Charlotte NC kitchens are fitted with a range hood. These are often installed in a kitchen remodeling project. But when it comes to retrofitting one, that is a different matter.

Kitchen updates over a modern stove can be straightforward. A steel range hood fits in pretty easy. The hard part for any local contractor is when you have lots of side cupboards, and any kitchen range hood will need to blend in. Kitchen remodeling contractors are now offering handyman services. They are highly experienced in retrofitting these old styled range hoods to make them look as if they were an original fitting.

Now is the time to contact your Charlotte NC general contractor

No matter what handyman work you have planned in your kitchen. But the best companies to contact are the ones who perform kitchen updates daily. These jobs might be smaller, but when you use your local contractor, you will be guaranteed the best job has been done, and results will speak for themselves.

If you want to know what handyman services are available for your kitchen, contact RCB Construction Management, and the pros there will go through what you can do to revamp your kitchen without going for a major remodeling.