Kitchen remodelPainted or stained cabinets, which is my best choice?

Kitchen remodel ideas will totally transform your kitchen. You also want it to last many years, so the design choice is crucial. The answer between painted or stained depends on the look you are after, and how this fits in with your design and lifestyle, not to mention your budget.

Here we will look at both and see which may be the best option for your new kitchen in Charlotte NC.

Kitchen remodel plus points for painted cabinets

Painted cabinets are an ideal solution for homeowners who enjoy daring and sharp colors. They are also fantastic to set-off a house, which comprises modern and minimalist design features.

One of the most significant advantages of choosing painted cabinets in your kitchen remodel is the vast color range of kitchen cabinets you have to choose from. All these give unique touches to the overall look and feel of your new kitchen.

When considering buying pre-painted cabinets or having kitchen remodelers paint existing cabinets in your Charlotte NC kitchen, the advantages include:

  • Appealing aesthetics: from a classic white kitchen to more contemporary grays and muted blues. Painted cabinets give kitchens clean finishes that blend well with modern homes.
  • Ease of application: Kitchens that have MDF cabinets, painting is advisable over staining. Paint will adhere to MDF constructions whereas; stain does not make your cabinets appear they are real wood.
  • A burst of color: There is no end of bright colors for your cabinets. From bright yellows, greens to dramatic reds. You are free to ask your general contractor to customize totally, the look of your kitchen.

Downsides of painted cabinets in a Concord NC kitchen update

Painted cabinets have a long list of benefits for your kitchen remodel; however, there are drawbacks when choosing this style over traditional stained cabinets:

  • Thickness of the paint hides fine details, wood grain, and knots in wood.
  • Painting cabinets in kitchen updates isn’t an economical way of renovating your kitchen. Painted cabinets can cost up to 0-15% more than stained cabinets.
  • Painted cabinets can require continual retouching. This means matching colors can be hard, especially if you purchase them already painted.

Kitchen remodel with stained cabinets plus points

Traditional kitchen cabinets are more often stained. Stain displays the natural beauty of wood grain and will combine well with other bold features of a kitchen remodel. Advantages of stain over paint include:

  • Stains bring out the character in the wood, this can be important for many homeowners.
  • Retouching cabinet stain is easier than paint. Areas that receive a bump or knock blend well, and minor differences in stain are not noticeable.
  • When looking to save money on your kitchen remodeling, stained cabinets are the cheaper option. Costs will vary between cabinets, but it is cheaper to go for stain instead of paint.

Using local general contractors in Charlotte NC for finer details

Whether you choose paint or classic stain cabinets, the look depends on what you seek from your kitchen remodel.

When you use a good general contractor for your kitchen updates, you have the chance to see before and after pictures of other projects. These can help your decision.

Either way, it is advisable to leave the finish to the professionals, so don’t delay and contact RCB Construction Management who have the right team to help you decide on the overall design, and the all-important finish.