bathroom renovationWhat is the worst flooring I can use in my bathroom renovation?

Bathroom renovation ideas all look good on paper, but you can easily make a mistake with the flooring. The worst kind of flooring is one that will be affected by spilled water. There are many which feel good underfoot, but as soon as the tub overflows or water spills from the shower, you can find yourself slipping and sliding when you least expect it.

If you want to avoid these mistakes, read on and see what flooring types you need to avoid.

Hardwood floors for renovation in Charlotte NC bathrooms

This might not appear obvious. Solid hardwood feels great to the feet, and it looks good. Many people try their hardest to have real hardwood floors.  However, for your bathroom, things are not so good. All the moisture that soaks in the wood can lead to warping of your floors.

Unlike other flooring types, wood that becomes damaged can’t really isn’t fit for repair. When you get local bathroom remodeling contractors in to repair your floors, it will cost extra money, and they may have a hard job matching the flooring already there. It may be the case of a new floor altogether.

Carpeted bathrooms

This seems obvious. However, there are individuals that choose this route in their bathroom renovation. In theory, it is another option, which will feel good on bare feet, rather than something, which feels cold.

In fact, it is a huge no…no, and you should never do it.

There are a few reasons. Carpet holds moisture; mold can quickly form and spread. Every leak soaks in the carpet, and before long, your bathroom will smell musty. Even bathroom remodelers in Concord NC will advise against this flooring type.

Linoleum tiles in a bathroom renovation.

Linoleum is a better choice for a bathroom renovation than some options, because it has good water resistance. However, linoleum tiles include seams. Any bathroom update, which includes these, will after a while find water seeping in through the gaps.

After a while, the tiles will deform and lift. This doesn’t even include the damage to your flooring underneath. A bathroom remodeler in Charlotte NC will advise a linoleum floor if it is in one piece, but they will give tiles a miss.

Glass tiles in Charlotte NC bathroom updates.

There are some advantages of glass tiles in your bathroom, but there are also significant disadvantages. Glass tiles have a wide variety of colors and designs; they are not only ecological options when from recycled materials. However, many individuals decide on them because they make their bathrooms unique.

They become slippery when you compare them to other bathroom flooring options. These tiles are not good options for anyone whose home has older people or other individuals prone to accidents.

Bathroom remodeling companies in Charlotte NC

A bathroom renovation may appear easy to accomplish but to make sure all your bathroom jives together it does take skill. Flooring is only one area, and it is one, which is so easy to get wrong.

To be sure, you have the best-looking bathroom possible, and it is one, which meets your ideals, then you are safer calling RCB Construction Management for the pro team to help you design the bathroom you dream of having. Mistakes cost money, so you can act now and avoid these renovation mistakes in the first place.