bathroom remodelWhat should I know before undertaking a bathroom-remodeling project?

A bathroom remodel is a thrilling project. Your bathroom is the most commonly used room in your home after your kitchen. It is important to make sure it is perfect, and just how you want it.

However, before calling in those designers and contractors, there are some things you will want to think about first. If you are in the market for a new bathroom, read on for some helpful snippets of information.

What will I need for my Charlotte NC bathroom remodel?

How much more space does your family require? Do you prefer to bathe or shower? What styles, colors and characteristics are you most interested in seeing in your new bathroom? Many major bathrooms have one shower stall and one tub. If you have small children, it’s generally easier to bathe them in a tub.

Don’t forget, you can have hand-held showers to make it a breeze to wash pets and the walls of showers. Bigger families are more likely to benefit from multiple sinks, which are helpful when everybody tries to get ready at once.

It can be helpful to check with your whole family and draw up a list of what works and what doesn’t in your present bathroom and list requests for your new bathroom, like individual draws for each member of the family for individual items.

Think about long term requirements

If you are planning to stay in your present home for years to come, then consider adding features that will assist you as you age. In-built shower seats are a very popular feature.

You may also consider the installation of handrails to assist in getting in and out of the bathtub. You can still use them to showcase your decorative towels or at the very least be prepared behind the new walls for the future support.

What about my bathroom remodel budget?

Do a list of all that you are about to do to improve your bathroom remodel. If you are only in the process of changing some fixtures, you really don’t need much of a budget.

If you are gutting the current bathroom and you start from scratch, then your budget will be significantly larger. When hiring a professional general contractor in Charlotte NC, determining a budget is helpful for the design process to progress and be more streamlined into the ultimate project.

Having the right contractors in Charlotte NC

Once you have your ideas, it is time to think about approaching your local contractors to speak to them about your bathroom remodel. This in itself can be a major task, so it is far easier to contact RCB Construction Management who have years of experience working with homeowners for any sized budget.

They have the capability to gloss over your bathroom, or to strip it bare and bring your ideas to life like the one you would not imagine.