ContractorHow can a local contractor increase outdoor living spaces?

Contractor work can be outside homes as much as inside. There are countless areas where living spaces can be added to Charlotte NC homes that dramatically make a difference to overall living space. Porches of various designs, patios and sunrooms all contribute to outdoor living that can be used all year round. Here are some examples you can use for inspiration how to expand your home remodeling into the garden.

Porch ideas from a local Charlotte NC contractor

Front porches are beautiful, warm, and friendly additions to homes. These can be as large or small as you want, depending on the size of your home.

Back porches can be wider and make it easier to create spaces for furniture groups where friends and family can get together. You will need to check the details so your foyer integrates with your home and doesn’t appear like a bolt on.

You can add height and interesting features like vaulted ceilings with open beams. Consider adding skylights to the roof terrace so there will be no light loss in your interior rooms. Screened porches are a great choice for three out of four seasons. With the addition of sliding doors, you can use them just as good in the winter. If you want to feel the breeze, you can have it open and have fly screens fitted. No matter what the weather, your porch can have a design that accommodates all seasons

Patios and sunrooms by a local Charlotte NC contractor

Patios need not be concrete slabs or stone pavers. You can have a roof and include grills, counters and a sink with a refrigerator close at hand for all year-round entertainment. With simple fire pits or built-in fireplace, you can add warmth for those cold nights.

Sunrooms range from simple and casual, to being furnished rooms with plenty of feature windows. Adding sunrooms extends your interior space and takes it outdoors. Sunrooms can open into family rooms, kitchen extensions, living rooms or open spaces where to entertain.

One of the main advantages with any of these external livings spaces isn’t how much it can change your home; it is how much they can increase your home’s value. Curb appeal will raise by no end, and you will have passers by admiring how different your home looks with these additions.

If you need to know how much these spaces can change your home, contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals will go through the various designs and options that are available. You may be surprised how something simple can greatly change the way you live.

With affordable rates and the best guarantees, having the best local Charlotte NC contractor do this work before the summer hits, you will be sued to using the space at the best of times.