Home remodelHome remodel or renovation, what’s the difference?

Home remodel and renovation are used interchangeably in the areas of real estate, contracting and interior design. For professionals who are involved in these industries, these terms mean something very different.

The difference is that renovation means to restore something to a previous state, while remodeling means to create something completely new. What do these differences mean to homeowners for real estate or home maintenance?

Home remodel, what does it really mean?

The interpretation of remodel, is to transform the framework. Renovations are revivals or restorations to the preceding state or condition. Home remodeling in a room is more of a complete “overhaul.”

If you have a home remodeling contractor take on a project to convert the layout, design, and style of a room, they will be remodeling it because they are changing its layout of its space, and not updating or enhancing it.

If you want something such as reconfiguring a floor plan, you are again remodeling!You may combine a kitchen and living room for a contemporary and open-plan layout. This is then planning a remodel and not a renovation. When a project in Charlotte NC involves a modification of area to provide off a fresh look and feel. It will be a home remodel, and not a renovation!

What is Charlotte NC home renovation?

To renovate means to renew. So, when you apply this technique to the world of residential construction, renovation can mean repainting, refinishing kitchen cabinets or installing new fixtures or fittings. Whatever the task undertaken, the original design is not really changed, but updated or modified to meet a new or revised standard.

A custom renovation makes a room more attractive and also adds a cozy sense of personalization.

The renovation of your kitchen makes it feel more personalized to your lifestyle, and it will deliver a comfortable and homelike atmosphere. Meanwhile, smaller and less expensive renovations, such as changing the color of a room or replacing old windows. These can increase value and increase chances of a sale.

Which costs the most, a home remodel or a home renovation?

Remodeling projects cost more than a renovating one because remodeling involves more complex design considerations. There is a major construction, electric, and plumbing expenses to consider, and just labor costs alone will be much higher.

All this does make a difference to your home. A renovated home will still be the same home but in what appears to be an improved condition. A home remodel will feel like something new and can make the difference between selling a home in Charlotte NC, or staying where you are.

Are your ready for the next step for your Charlotte NC home?

Home remodel projects, or even home renovation can have a major impact on a home. Because of this, homeowners should seek advice from a professional home remodeling companies to make sure they understand what is entailed.

If you are confused between the two, you can quickly contact the RCB Construction Management team who will go through all your options. If you have lesser requirements, you may find you only need a quick once over with their handyman contractors to give your home a new lease of life.