ContractorWhich sink is best kitchen sink for me?

A contractor can fit any kind of sink you desire. While under-counter sinks are preferred for their appearance, aver-counter sinks can provide a more long-term investment in the life span of some counter materials such as wood. There are several things about a kitchen sink that you should be aware of, such as size, depth, style and materials.

Under mounted sinks, presently cherished because of their sleek appearance and the way they complement stone and solid surface counter tops. They also obtain an extra inch of deepness because of their lower mounting points.

Deciding if you are searching for a sink above or below the counter top is best dealt with first, because this will make future decisions easier, and what a local Charlotte NC contractor can do. The worktop material is a key factor in your decision.

Read below for key differences that may help with your decision.

Types of undermount sinks fitted by a contractor

Under mount, sinks are so called because they sit under your kitchen counter, the edge of the sink falls below the level of your work surface. Under-counter sinks come in three types.

  • Positive reveal – the work surface stops before the edge of the sink. This creates a ledge.
  • Negative reveal – The work surface will overhang the sink by a small amount.
  • Flush type – The edges of the sink and the work surface are flush with each other.

Here are the pros and cons you need to think about before having an under mount sink in your kitchen.

Plus points of under mount sinks

  • You can gain more counter space
  • You get clean looking design lines in your kitchen
  • It makes wiping a work surface much easier
  • The larger depth allows you to wash bigger pots and pans

Downsides of under mount sinks

  • These do need to be used with waterproof work surfaces
  • You will need a professional Charlotte NC contractor to install your sink
  • It is possible to damage the edge of the work surface
  • These are more often more expensive

Pros of a drop in sink

  • These can be easier for installation by a contractor
  • These are more suited to work surface materials that are not suited to have continual water exposure.
  • These can work out more affordable, even with a professional handyman carrying out the installation

Downsides of a drop in sink

  • Your work surface will lose the sleek surface because of the lips of the sink
  • If not cleaned around the edges properly, it can result in mold forming

These sinks are suitable for any work surface. The lip of the sink sits around the hole in the counter top. Any bare edged of wood or absorbent part of the counter top are hidden well.

Finding the right Charlotte NC kitchen remodeling contractors

In many cases, something to this degree will be part of kitchen updates, and includes new work counters and possible cupboards.

With this in mind, you will need the best contractor for the job who will explain all the benefits and disadvantages of both sink types. To do this, you can quickly contact RCB Construction Management, and the professionals can go through all your options for the best sink for your kitchen, and what kitchen updates you can have to meet your budget.