ContractorWhy do I need to consider everything?

A Charlotte NC contractor can be a wise choice if you are you planning to add a bathroom to your home. So whether you are constructing a new add-on to the house or you are building a new bathroom somewhere in another room, you are undertaking a project which has a number of associated costs.

While remodeling or even adding a new bedroom or room, the addition of a bathroom means running new plumbing piping and ensuring that everything is watertight. While the costs add up, it may surprise you at the final cost of a renovation of this type. If you’re considering adding a bathroom, here are some things to be aware of about the cost.

A contractor can add a basic bathroom with a small budget

For one thing, don’t be worried about your budget. To add a reasonably basic bathroom is not so expensive, in particular if you are occupying space from an old room.

If you want a quarter or a half bath, you will find it can be done on a generous budget. In addition, even when you are adding a shower and bathtub, this will still cover the expense of a basic bathroom.

It will not be extra roomy, and it will not have top-of-the-line fixtures, but a few thousand spent with a good Charlotte NC contractor will provide you with a functional bathroom. For families who have multiple people sharing a bathroom, this may be all it takes to make the mornings a whole lot calmer.

Building a new bathroom or remodeling

If you’re considering a remodeling of your current bathroom over adding a new one, be aware that remodeling costs can be higher. On average, a bathroom remodel can be costlier due to demolition and other costs.

Charlotte NC contractor warn about add-on costs

What if you would like something other than a basic tile or a plain shower screen? Here’s where you start to see the costs of your extra bathroom rise. Running new plumbing piping will cost more or less the same regardless of what you do. Bigger bathrooms may not cost much more, because only a few more feet of pipe is needed.

When you begin looking for expensive back splashes, all-glass shower enclosures, soaking bathtubs, and other spa-like accessories, your costs increase significantly. If you are looking for a luxurious bathroom with everything you’ll encounter in a premium spa, you may have to make a big investment. However, it might be worth it if it enables you to design the bathroom of your dreams, and it will increase the value of your home.

Finding the right Charlotte NC home remodeling contractors

No matter what extent of bathroom remodeling you are doing, it is a task that is too much to do alone, and you will need a good reliable contractor.

To save all the searching and weeding out of companies you don’t wish to use, you can contact RCB Construction Management. The helpful professionals will run through your options, and you may find the spa-like bathroom works out cheaper than you thought.