Kitchen remodelWill a kitchen update give a good ROI?

A kitchen remodel is a great idea; however, it’s a good idea to consider the return on your investment (ROI). This is the same if you are intending to sell your home Charlotte NC or stay in the same house for as long as you see in the future.

When you make key kitchen updates, this leads you to a position where you cannot just enjoy your kitchen, but you will obtain more bang for your buck if you do decide to sell up and move on further down the road. If you know already, selling your home is on the cards, you will want the best kitchen updates that are affordable, and will deliver more for your short-term investment.

It isn’t possible to predict any home’s future, and you certainly can’t foresee how much return you will get for your investment, never mind how much it will affect the selling price of your home, and how fast you can sell it. However, with the best kitchen remodel contractors, you will be sure to get a good ROI for your new kitchen.

Here are some areas that have a key impact on your kitchens appearance, and how you can adapt these if you are selling or staying put.

Counter tops and cabinets for your kitchen remodel

The appearance and the quality of a kitchen counter top is one thing that can make or break the overall appearance of a kitchen. If these don’t catch the eye, or they pale in comparison to expensive appliances and high-quality cabinets, then your unattractive laminate work surface won’t impress anyone, and you will quickly regret not having it changed.

Granite is the counter top choice for most homeowners. The ideal thing with granite it, it will last for years, and if you do come to sell your home, it has a significant impact on the house value.

Cabinets go hand in hand with a work surface and make a huge statement about your kitchen remodel. Dated cabinets and doors are a turnoff. Your local Charlotte NC remodeling contractor can make these a thing of beauty by painting, staining or replacing them altogether.

Appliances and lighting by Charlotte NC general contractors

Unless you are hugely into cooking, or you plan to stay in your home for many years, then it is advisable to refrain from having hi-tech grade appliances. It is advisable to opt for quality appliances that appeal to a wider audience. High-quality older models are usually better in looks and performance than newer, but cheaper models. Energy efficient and stainless steel are a popular choice.

This one thing will set off any kitchen updates you have. Lighting is crucial in any sized kitchen. Reliable house remodeling contractors will know what lighting types will change the appearance of your kitchen. The inclusion of a larger window can also have a massive effect by flooding the area with natural light.

Best Charlotte NC kitchen remodelers

It doesn’t matter what size of kitchen you have, or the extent of your kitchen remodel, you will need a good reliable general contractor to undertake work of this extent. It is as crucial if you are selling your home, as it is if you decide to remain in place.

To be sure, you have the best company for the job; you can contact RCB Construction Management.

There are plenty of professionals who know all the ins and outs to make sure you have the best kitchen remodel that will serve you well for a number of years, or have the most significant impact if you are planning on selling.