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Charlotte, NC Interior Design Services-

When a blueprint and bold style choices mean good design.



Designing a space, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, or new room addition, requires creative and intentional energy as well as sound, strategic planning.

From blueprint to bold style choices enlisting our experienced design team will be the smartest (and most stylish) decision you will ever make as a homeowner.

Whether you need creative direction or simply the hands to make your ideas come to life, we understand the process.


Customers Come First

Our customers are our top priority- from foundation to finish.


Clear Communication

We are transparent when it comes to communication so you can expect a seamless construction experience.


We Value Your Time And Investment

Setting clear project expectations delivers value to your time and investment.


Our interior designers will be a part of your project from start to finish whether it be creating drawings of your new space, or to help with selections of finishes.

A well planned project turns into guaranteed added value to your home.

Our engineer reviews all of the plans to make sure they are structurally correct, and our designers make sure the aesthetic your going for shines through.



Jim W. - Google Review

Rick has been involved in several projects at my house over the years, including a room addition and a breeze way. I recently had a plumbing problem that turned out to be quite extensive. Once Rick got involved the job went smoothly and he was able to save me over$10,000. It pays to have someone that understands the business on your side.

Michael S. - Google Review

There is no lack of communication… he kept me informed of all aspects of the project. He managed the home remodel in less time, under budget, and with excellent workmanship… was receptive to concept changes and expressed various alternatives to keep the project moving along. This project was a total tear-out and renovation of every room in the home.

Brandon H. - Google Review

I hired RCB to do a concrete driveway demo and replacement. I contacted nearly a dozen companies to ensure I was doing my due diligence on who to hire for the repair. And RCB was the quickest to respond, had the highest quality website, and acted with very professional customer service. I was impressed from the beginning given these factors, and then once we signed the contract for the work, I was even more impressed given the quality of the work and the clear communication. I definitely recommend you contact RCB before hiring anyone else – they will impress you too and earn your work.

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