Are you sick of looking at the same old bathroom fixtures? Want to give your bathroom a makeover but don’t want to break the bank in the process? A full bathroom renovation may seem costly, but with some creativity and resourcefulness, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for how to do a bathroom renovation on a budget.

Paint & Wallpaper

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to give your bathroom a facelift is with paint or wallpaper. You can go bold with bright colors like reds and oranges or keep it neutral with shades of gray and white. If you want a bit more texture, try out some wallpaper instead. There are lots of affordable options available that will instantly spruce up the look and feel of your bathroom.


Another great way to update the look of your bathroom is by changing up the lighting. There are tons of affordable options out there that can add a subtle but stylish touch to any space. Plus, good lighting will make your morning routine more enjoyable!

Hardware & Fixtures

Changing out hardware and fixtures can also be an easy way to do a bathroom renovation on a budget. Swap out outdated door and cabinet handles, replace your old faucets for something more modern, or add in new towel racks or shelves for extra storage space. It’s amazing how updating small details like these can completely transform a room!

Recycle and Reuse

Another easy way to save money during a bathroom renovation is by recycling and reusing fixtures that are still in good condition like mirrors, light fixtures, cabinetry, and more! For example, if you have an old mirror that needs replacing but it’s still in good shape, consider giving it a new look with fresh paint instead of buying something new. You could also use existing cabinets and hardware in order to keep costs down; simply replace outdated knobs and handles with something a bit more modern-looking for an instant update.

A bathroom renovation on a budget doesn’t have to be intimidating—it just takes some creative thinking! If you’re not a DIY connoisseur, then let the experts at RCB Construction Management give you a hand (without breaking the bank). Between painting, adding new lighting fixtures, and changing out small details like hardware, you can easily give your bathroom an entirely new look without having to spend an arm and a leg. So get creative and start dreaming up ways to upgrade your space – and let us handle the rest!