Bathroom remodelWhat is the difference between laminate and vinyl?

A bathroom remodel does require the correct flooring to save problems. In contrast to vinyl floorings, which are manufactured from synthetic materials, laminate floors do contain a certain amount of wood.

This is the number one reason laminate flooring is so sensitive to moisture. Laminate floors have a core of fiberboard with a sealed wood grain image beneath a see-through protective layer. They are laminated together to deliver a more stiff and lifelike flooring product. Laminate floors are typically sold in packs of boards that are clicked into each other to deliver the appearance and feel of a hardwood floor.

If you are, thinking of bathroom updates, read on and you will find useful information regarding these two floor coverings.

The difference between linoleum and vinyl for Charlotte NC bathroom remodel

Unlike vinyl floors, linoleum floor coverings are constructed of all-natural materials. Linoleum is an environmentally friendly flooring, which has been used for nearly 150 years. Perhaps that’s the reason it has an “antiquated” image.

However, this is a very good option for those who are looking for a durable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective product. It’s not as water-resistant as the vinyl, but it will last a lot longer if you give it proper care. Whilst vinyl requires no more maintenance beyond general wiping and sweeping, linoleum will require a wax-based, year-round protective coating, so it lasts longer. It is a little pricier than vinyl and is commonly used for commercial spaces.

Pros of vinyl flooring for bathroom and kitchen updates

Folks adore vinyl floors for many reasons. It’s a budget-friendly, long-lasting, water-resistant flooring. It’s available in many appealing textures, styles and colors to blend into almost any room.

Vinyl floors are available in sheeting, tiling and planks, thus facilitating DIY installations. It also makes a great option for a bathroom remodel or washroom floors as it won’t stain and will withstand moisture well.

Downsides of vinyl flooring in Charlotte NC

Vinyl floors have some downsides. The production method employs toxic chemicals, and a few vinyl floors can release gas VOC’s after the installation. It is likewise difficult to fix if anything punctures or spits the floor. Homeowners shouldn’t expect to see any payback on their investment in vinyl flooring if they are planning to sell their house.

Lastly, vinyl floors can look real because of modern technology, but it’s very hard to get that “real” wood or tile feeling with a vinyl floor that mimics those kinds of finishes.

Having vinyl fitted by local handyman services in Charlotte NC

If you are having a bathroom update, and you are looking for an affordable flooring material, you are better speaking to the professionals before making your decision.

Contact RCB Construction Management and the professionals there can go through all your options, and possibly give you your dream flooring in your bathroom remodel, cheaper than you thought possible.